Why Choose Dentures

If you hear the word dentures, often you associate them with some old man that loses his teeth. Some people think that they’re a sign of aging, and in some cases, they could be obvious, and they tended to be uncomfortable. For many people, they tried to avoid them due to the presence of them, however, with advances in dentistry, you can talk to your Kennewick dentist about this and learn more about why this might be a great way to help your teeth. They have become much more discreet, comfortable, and even effective in some cases. If you do have some damaged teeth or are missing multiple teeth, and you’ve been unable to consider dentures as an option, you should read on, for many cases, this can ultimately be what you need.

Now, modern dentures are replacements for either multiple, or in some cases, all missing teeth. Unlike implants, you can remove them whenever. Typically, you have three types. The first is conventional or full dentures that replace all of the teeth. Any that are there are removed before placed.

There are also immediate dentures, which are placed as the rest of the teeth are moved. To do otherwise would have to wait for the gums to heal before the conventional are placed. Finally, there are the partials, which have the remaining teeth as an anchor for the partial dental appliance put in there.

Now, you might wonder if they’re right for you. The best thing to do in response to that is to talk to your Kennewick dentist about if they are the right solution for you. However, you want to do what is best for you. The main thing to worry about are the warning signs that could mean dentures. If you’re already missing several teeth, have trouble with eating chewy or hard foods, have swollen and bleeding gums constantly, and you feel like your teeth are looser, this might be what’s or you.

There isn’t a perfect replacement for these, and some of the cons are there to worry about. However, there are some pros that you definitely should consider as well. We’ll go over both the positives and negatives that could be associated with it.

The positives are that they are affordable. They are cheaper than implants in some cases, and sometimes insurance plans can cover either part or all of the cost, which makes it great. The dentures will also help with the facial muscles that might already be suffering if you’re missing teeth, which will help to reduce the impact that this has. It also can help with improving the appearance and the self-confidence of a person as well, since it will help to make the teeth look more aligned, and a person will want to smile more. It also will lower the pain of missing and damaged teeth, so if you are in pain, it is recommended.

Now there are a few cons with this. One of them is that they might take a while to get used to, so don’t expect it to feel amazing right away. Often, it’s hard to talk. That also leads to the next con. You might have trouble eating some foods still, along with talking in some cases. Some words and sounds are hard to utter when you have dentures in. you will still have to see your dentists for a few things, since they need to be adjusted over time, so the is the factor of upkeep there. Finally, they don’t last forever. They last longer than some other means, but they do need to be replaced. However, if you do take care of them, it will end up lasting you quite a bit longer.


Do you think dentures are right for you? Well, the best way to answer that is to see your Kennewick dentist for further information. They will tell you whether or not this should be considered, and if you should use this to better your oral health. If you do choose to use it, take the time to learn about it and get a feel for it, for it can help you with your decision at the end.


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